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My Father's Behaviour

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 06/25/2016 - 14:38

Assalam alaikum

I am completely fed with my father's behaviour. M 23 now. Since my childhood i noticed that my father dont respect my mother. Although she is very tesponsible in her work but my father never admires her. She faced insult always specially when some guest are in our home or in any occasion. Nowadays he became more than before. Just because this i lost my self confidence along I am having mental problem these days.

Please please please reply me with positive ideas.

Scorpio Nights

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 06/02/2016 - 15:24

Is it allowed to conceive on the nights of qamar dar akrab?

Have read in many places that nikaah shall not be recited, but how abt having relation with the intention to conceive a child?

My Brother's Relationship

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 06/01/2016 - 12:16

I am in a great confusion.we have a very respectable family my father and grandfather had a great respect and in our big family and in our area. We are four brothers and 2 sisters. My father is recently passed away in feb 2016. I am.the eldest of my brothers and sisters. Me and my younger brotger we both are living abroad in diffrent countries. When my father passed away in feb we both went to pakistan. Me and my younger brother are married. When my brother was in pakistan his wife got pregnant.

The State of the Soul after Death

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 05/25/2016 - 10:34

Assalam Aleikum, It is said that the Material Realm is the place where changes are possible & that the realms beyond this one lacks that quality. Then how is it that some souls which have not actualized their potentials to receive Divine Mercy travel from lower states to higher ones in the afterlife? because it is said that some souls will dwell in hell for a while then enter the garden, does this mean that Barzakh and what lies beyond are realms where potentials have the possibility to actualize too??

Referring to a Non-Muslim Psychologist

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 04/28/2016 - 11:42


Iv had problems with my intimacy life for 10 years, iv taken a call after being tortured mentally. my father in law wants us to get back together. so he has consulted a non Muslim psychologist.

how much of information can i share? Can i make full use of the opportunity or should i hold back on information and give only minimal info??

JazakAllah Khair for ur kind help!! My appointment is day after tomorrow. Kindly consider this question as urgent.

Regards, A sister in Islam

Kindly Advise

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 04/24/2016 - 12:52

Salam. I wanted to ask you a crucial question regarding my situation. About four years ago, I decided I wanted to find a good husband and wrnt to Mashad and asked Imam Reza for a good spouse, on my return, i started talking to an Iranian boy from the UK whilst I myself am a khoja. My parents knew about it and were fine with it and my dad even let me do muta with him for the sake of talking in halal way. We fell in love and he told his mother but his mother was against the relationship just because I am not an iranian. So he broke up with me.

Blasphemy in a rage of anger

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 03:51

Salaamualaikum I got Blasphemous in a rage of anger and swore at Allah and RasoolAllah Sallallahu alaihi Wassallam i was about 16 i was going through alot of emotions please help me i constantly do taubah and pray so Allah forgives me

Missed Fasts

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 04/03/2016 - 01:52

Salaam, When I was a teenager I vowed to keep fasts if certain things happened and due to health reasons I have missed numerous fasting months of Ramadan. By my calculations I need to make up for 99 days of fasting. My question is: Can I make up for missed fasts by giving to charity? I still plan on making up the fasts but I believe that by not making up the fasts I have offended Allah. Your guidance will be much appreciated.


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