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Islamic Laws (Fiqh)

Ghusl and Washing Hair

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 01/28/2018 - 16:29


I wanted to know if whether when performing ghusl after Menses do I need to wet my hair from scalp to the tips of my hair? Am I able to just pour water 3x with my hair tied and making sure water reaches all my scalp? My hair is very long Alhumdulillah but it becomes difficult if I have to wet it. If I wash my hair before hand with shampoo do I still need to wet my hair whilst performing ghusl? Also can I keep my hair tied in a bun when performing ghusl or do I need to take it all down? Jazakallahu Khairan for your answers

Discussing Zina with Friends

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 01/27/2018 - 05:42

A. Alaikum.

My best friend is a Muslim as well, yet for the past 5 years he has been conmiting Zina. We always discuss about his experiences jokingly , i tried to tell him a while ago to not do it but he doesnt listen to me. Ive heard that it isnt good for someone to commit a sin and then boast about it amd talk about it openly. So my question is, do i collect any sins also for discussing about the sins he commited in a jokingly matter?

Using Chemical Alcohol

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 12:53

Salaam, I am 25yrs old male quite bald on my crown and want to get married soon. Alhamdulillah I pray 5 times a day, as a muslim can i use minioxidil (topical hair growth solution) contains alcohol 45% and other elements of hair growth. It works cos I have used in the past. Please let me know. Jazakallah salaam

Interaction before Marriage

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 01/24/2018 - 17:06

Assalamoalaikum. I'd like to ask if a female is allowed to ask questions to her prospective spouse in the presence of one of her family member? I've been told my family members that it is not allowed to speak to him or interact with him in any way. I'd like to know what the islamic perspective is. jazakAllah khair

Female Genital Mutilation

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 01/24/2018 - 15:00

Assalaamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu!

I am originaly from Ethiophia where it is löst normal to circumcise girls. I'm wondering if it is permissible in our religion. Beacuse some so sheikh have the view that it is permissable.

IT Consulting Firm

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 01/23/2018 - 02:38

My close relatives have an IT consulting firm and they place people for IT jobs. Sometimes in this process they have to lie and deciet by showing some fake experience on peoples resumes who they are placing. IT industry has become as such that it's necessary to show at least 3-5 years of experience otherwise there is no way that the company would hire the person. After someone gets a job that person works hard for that company t o make a living ( and not waste time or take advantage ). My question is is this type of earning considered halal?

Forced Marriage

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 01/22/2018 - 17:58

Salam, if your parents knew you wanted to marry someone, but did not approve of them, and they force you to marry someone else by saying they will disown you, they will kick you out, your dead to them if you marry the person you want, and manipulate you by saying stuff like your going to end up on the street with him and you have no option but to marry the person they choose, because its too late now, its all arranged...and you plead with them, beg them and you cry and they dont do anything - is this nikkah valid? Even though the imam didn’t see that.

Installation Engineer

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/18/2018 - 20:54

Assalaam alaiakum i would like to ask if it is permissible to work as an installation engineer for a tv sattelite company i have some friends to which they into me it is haram but i thought i would ask an aleem as they are someone who knows better my job if i take it will include installing wires into peoples houses and setting up their equipment for them for tv broadband and telephone Jazakallah

Brother in Law Staying With Us

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/18/2018 - 10:54

I came to Dubai few years ago with my husband. Here we stay in a small house where my brother in law also stay with us. I kept quiet thinking he go back (to another country) to his family very soon. But nothing happened. Very recently my husband and I had a dispute regarding brother in law husband said his brother is important and wanted me and my 3 kids go back (to my country). I was very much upset wen he spoke like his brother is important to him. He didn't feel anything about making his brother to stay with me alone. Plz help me what should I do now?


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