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Islamic Laws (Fiqh)


Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 04/06/2018 - 05:58

Salam Sir. I was 15 years old when I kissed a boy. He inserted his penis but I had my clothes on. I have promised Allah I will never do this again. Will I be forgiven. Or is there a death penalty?


Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 04/04/2018 - 22:02

As Sallam wa Alikum. My question is regarding intercourse during the 5th day of menstruation. I got married a year ago and after one month I will be going back to Saudia. I asked my wife if she is confident that she is not having any blood flow. she said she is confident that she is not having blood flow as it is the 5th day.. She performed Ghusl and we had intercourse but after intercourse i found blood on my penis. I asked my wife to go to the toilet and see if she is having blood flow. After coming out she told me that the blood was Red in Color not Dark.


Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 04/04/2018 - 19:00

assalam aleikum , my father has 2 wives 1st my mother , my mother stays in india with me and my sister and my father lives in italy with his second wife he comes 1 month in a year to meet us , he bought a house there for his second wife and noe he has no money because he is giving the installment of the house . He does not have money even for studies is it right that he bought a house there ? we are very disturbed financially because of this and he often fights with my mother due to this is it right ?

OCD Case (Namaaz)

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 04/02/2018 - 12:56

I am 23 and have been praying since I was very young. I have OCD and it's been 4 years. At first I used to only took a lot of baths, wash hands and had problems with Wudu (Was'wasa). Gradually I had problems with my Salah. I had doubts that my Salah was not correctly prayed. So i decided that I will normally pray either if it become valid or invalid . Since then I was careless about my Salah and I thought that I will pray these Salah again later with other prayers which I never did. But my i have no Kaza prayers in those 4 years. I prayed all of them.

Mental Illness - Prayers

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 03/29/2018 - 18:26

I am 22 year old guy,i am suffering from one mental disorder called obsessive compulsive disorder,my main problem is When i started doing salah i am getting frequent bad thoughts and bad words going around my head.I really never mean those thoughts,but it is coming only while I started praying,My psychiatrist diagnosed it is one kind of ocd,i am taking medication for this problem,I am praying all the time but this bad thoughts disturbing my prayers, will allah accept my prayers because I never ever mean those things,Please kindly help me regarding this

Semen / Najasat

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 03/29/2018 - 13:08

Semen is coming every time when I go for latrine. If I give pressure to unload my latrine, little amount of semen is coming through my penis. Can I take it normal? Whether my salah will be accepted?

Plastic Surgery

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 03/29/2018 - 01:52

Salaam hope you are well. I had a question in regards to the Islamic ruling of plastic surgery . I have a mild vase of parry romberg syndrome where one side of my face is sunken in and the other is normal. Although I hope in sha Allah it rectifies itself or gets better with the will of Allah even though it is non reversible or curable , there are cosmetic surgeries available to correct the problem. It does not cause me any physical stress but Lots of mental and emotional stress and I get worried about the future In terms of marriage and so on . It is pretty obvious.

Khula Without Husband's Consent

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 03/27/2018 - 20:48

My wife applied for khula with false allegations on me. The court grant her khula without investigating the matter. My address which was mentioned in the khula was false. I got information very late. I tried best to resolve the matter. I did not accept the khula approved by court because i loveed and love my wife. we had two daughters. one is with me and one is with her. She also took my 3 million rupees and refused to pay back even at the time of khula. I did not recieved my mahar amount even. Khula with mentioning the word talaaq and without husband consent is valid?

Plot Distribution

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 03/26/2018 - 11:31

A.o.a Mere grandfather k plot ko mere father ne bnvaya h apni puri income se(grandmother k force krny pr)ab takseem kis trha se honi chahiye ?ghr ki tameer mn father k or siblingx ne koi coperatn nhi ki us wakt srf mere father bar sare rozgar thy...ab mere father ki 3 sisters mere sb se choty chacha ko esi ghr ka hissa dena chahti hn...jis k bad ghr mn mere father ka srf 1 part reh jae ga or mere chacha more thn half part k waris bn jaen gy...jb k mere fathr chahty hn k plot ki prize lgva kr sb ko paisy de den or ghr apny name krva len kiun k bnvai sari mere fathr ki hai.mgr un k sab behn b


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