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Islamic Laws (Fiqh)

Husband Has Not Fulfilled My Rights

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 06/27/2016 - 10:52


My husband has divorced me without paying my haq Mehr, my maintenance for the period I was his lawfully wedded wife, my gold jewellery and money loaned from me - despite the fact that all religious authorities asked him to do so. What does sharia say about this? He has left me penniless and gotten away with my money and belongings.

Does he fall into the category of ghasib and jabir or any other like Muqasir/non-adil etc? If yes, what does this mean?

Talaaq and Rujuu

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 06/24/2016 - 11:15

I was married few years back and I have a baby girl. At that time there were some consequences that I divorced my wife. I sent first legal notice. After first notice i aroused for sexual desire, I messaged my wife that if she could talk to me on the phone. She replied me with a negative gesture. After that a casual chat was there on messages.

Then one month after second notice was sent and then third. My question is can we consider the above condition as ruju? and if yes does this cancel the first divorce?

Holy Shrines in Menstruation

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 06/20/2016 - 06:52

Aoa. May I please know that am I allowed to visit the grave of maula Ali's daughter bibi ruqayya, while I'm menstruating? I will make sure I have performed wazu and I stand some distance away from the grave,in the sahan (courtyard). May I please visit ?

Reply soon please it's extremely urgent. May Allah and ehl e bayt be happy from you.

Fasting & Haraam Acts

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 06/18/2016 - 10:08

I was fasting and I was with a girl. While I was kissing and touching her private parts, I ejaculated. Is my fast broken? If it has then what is the punishment and how can I repent from it?

And does kissing and touching a girl's private parts without ejaculating break the fast?

Use of Hair Gel

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 06/15/2016 - 22:27

Salamun Alaykum,

Useof hair gel. Using of hair gel is permissible but is it ok to do masah on it while the gel is already applied on hair. Eg: i apply in the morning while going to work then mid day while praying zohr namaz i do wudhu and masah on the hair which has already gel applied on it.

Please assist.

Jazakallah. Husseinali.

Zakat on Loan, Salary & Assets

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 06/12/2016 - 00:05

I have 5,71.000 Rupees in Bank and 2,50000 in hand. Apart from that i have given 90.000 to my brother as loan. I also got loan upto 1.00.000. which i pay back from my salary. Should i pay Zawakat for the money which i have given as loan or not? Should i minus 1,00,000 money which i got loan from the money which is with me in hand? I mean Zawakat on 8.21.000 only.Or all money.

I also get pay which fulfills my expenses in a difficult way. should i pay zawakwat on that.

I also have plots should i pay zawakat for it?


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