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Islamic Laws (Fiqh)

Limitations of Sex with Wife

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 01/14/2018 - 17:21


I am newly married and I belong to fiqah Jafria. I want to know what is permitted and what is not while meeting with wife in bed (having sex). I only learnt that having anal sex is either haraam or makroooh but I want to know the clear guidelines of fiqah jafria in this regard so that we shouldn't do anything not allowed. Jazak Allah

Forced Marriage

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/11/2018 - 16:36


I want to ask you a question... My grandfather is forcing my father to make me marry with my cousin... my grandfather blackmails my father that he will not forgive my father if he will not make me marry my cousin. I am not willing to do so...Does my grandfather have the right to forcefully do this ?? Please guide me about this .. I will be very much thankful to you.. I am in big trouble. thanks


Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 11:29

In Haramayn Shareefayn as u must have visited too due to Najdi government muslims during jamaat and all salaat times pass freely infront of praying people and even pass direct above the place of Sajdah there ..whats the fatwah about passing infront of praying persons and walking in Haram floor with shoes brought from wudhu n washrooms when we cant walk with those in our praying room and alas due to the government there cant even show respect for the hurmat n sanctity of place and has thus saudi reduced the respect of haram floor to that of a football ground.

Second Wife

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 10:53

Dear Alim,

My husband cheated on me. I forgave him. Now the woman who was not a Muslim is now wanting to become a Muslim wants to marry my husband. I am not happy with this and refuse to accept because I believe her intentions are to break up my home. During her affair with my husband she sent me picture of her and my husband together. What are my rights? It feels wrong Please advise me Jazzak Allah kayran

Bad Beard

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 01/02/2018 - 01:15

If someone is unable to grow a beard, is it permissible to shave? Since I have barely any growth barring a few odd hairs on chin and cheeks and has never grown further even with months of leaving untouched. When I dont shave it looks rather unkept and odd to have a few hairs scattered about


Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 12/31/2017 - 14:16

I sent divorce to my wife from court. 2 notices were sent and then we cancelled the the third one and start living together again. court judge said if I want to give divorce again then it will start again from notice 1. based on this instruction I thought my previous 2 divorces are null n void. so after few months I gave one divorce to my wife considering that it is now first divorce. but wife said it is now 3rd time so marriage is over. in reality it was not intention-ed by me to give 3rd divorce.


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