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Akhlaq & Irfan


Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 02/11/2018 - 22:34

Salam, I am 20 years old girl and live with my family. My behaviour has changed through past two months towards my family especially towards my parents. I don't say it was better but it gotten worse. I hurt them by my tongue. My akhlaq has changed and I am super scared. I don't want Allah to punish me for all bad words I said to my parents. I cry over the nights becuz no one in my family is happy from me. I am muslim, I pray, I know what my religion have taught me and I even was a Quran teacher for few years. I am ashamed of myself.


Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 02/09/2018 - 16:07

I was at a restaurant with my Brother and two boys were constantly staring at us. While leaving , i went to them and told them to feel shame for staring someone like that. Have I done wrong? Is it a sin? What should I do?

Keeping A Promise

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 02/08/2018 - 17:55

If u make a promise to any one and that person says 'if i die you have to fulfill your promise other wise my soul will not get peace.' Do I have to fulfill that promise?

Sile rahem

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 11/08/2017 - 02:25

Aslam alaikum

I am married. My cousin brother wants to meet me along with his wife. But in my heart I just don't feel like meeting them because:

1. They are hasid(jealous) 2. They make fun of me 3. They need favour from me 4.

I'm too busy with parenting Is it ok if I don't meet them? Will Allah be upset with me.

Displeasing Parents

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 13:38


Assalamu Alaykum My question is that if a person disobayes, displeases, angers or does something that he feels would anger his parents, does it mean that now Allah will not forgive him and his deeds will not be accepted.


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